The Perfectionist Confectionist is the home of beautiful bespoke cakes for all tastes and all budgets. All our designs are made to order, fully tailored to the specifications of our customers.

In November 2010 I set up the Perfectionist Confectionist. Mainly because I needed a creative outlet and my middle son loved the monkey cake I made him.

I met Bernie Lynam within minutes of coming up with the idea for a cake company – so it was obviously meant to be.  She is a Chocolatier and is a fantastic baker and designer.  We then set about learning as much as could and doing as many courses as possible.

Bernie bakes and designs and tells me how much we’re earning.

Me?  My name is Niamh Geraghty and I design, talk and decorate.  I made my living out of Interior Design before having children.  The kids got bigger and I needed a creative outlet and . . .  the Perfectionist Confectionist was born.

We are based in North County Dublin and specialise in all things cake!  We are also HSA approved and certified.

While we believe there’s a cake for every occasion, in the past our cakes have appeared at:

From multi-tiered extravaganzas to cool little cupcakes, we enjoy making them all. It’s our passion. We can also cater any occasion and offer a wide variety of desserts.