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*but you’ll be glad when you do

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Alan – Gaiety Theatre Birthday Cake

Niamh didn't want to ring U on a Sunday bt just s little note to say he almost died when he saw the cake and everyone  and I mean everyone was taking photos of it we left it parked where it was and then some of the Dublin team came with the sam Maguire and they also were shown it he blew out candles there was alreDy an obscene amount of food there and Alan wanted to bring the cake home so we wheeled it off safely before anyone bashed into it and he's Prob going to have it now on display in his house for more to see so massive success and no one in the building got to taste it bt im sure anyone who calls to Alan in the next few days will be offered a slice so thank U from bottom of our hearts for pulling out the stops and making it happen I suspect it won't be the last phone call from me bt I'll give U more notice next time. Keep in touch and regards to Bernie as well for all her work x

Caroline - Alan, 50th Birthday Gaiety Theatre Cake

Top Table Wedding Anniversary Cake

"The cake was so much more than I had expected. Both my parents and their guests were absolutely stunned. It made a fantastic impact and brought back many happy memories."

Miriam - Top Table Wedding Anniversary Cake

Lorraine & Brian, Rathsallagh House Wedding

To Niamh and Bernie,

Thank you so much for the fantastic job you did on our wedding cakes, they were gorgeous.  I'm looking for excuses to order more cakes from you soon.  Thanks again.

Lorraine and Brian

Party Table Cake for the cake, I can't even start to tell you how much of a success it was. It was, without a doubt, the focal point of the night. I had it on a table on it's own to show it off to it's best potential. It was so creative and stunning, you most certainly will get business from me again.

Deirdre - Winnie's Party Table

Shoes for Breda

Just to say thanks a million for my fabulous cake -  it was absolutely AMAZING - definitely me. Everybody has commented on it and can't believe the detail involved. It's my favouite-ist cake ever too! Thanks again ladies - you both Rock!

Breda - Louboutin Shoes

Anna's Handbag

I was totally gobsmacked when I saw my cake. It far exceeded my expectations. It was the talking point of the night (apart from me, of course). Just such a shame I had to cut into it and share out the yummy cake within!

Anna - Anna's Croc Handbag

Shoes for Suzy

I just wanted to say thanks so much for making my fab cake!  I loved it.  You are so talented!  It looked and tasted amazing.  Everyone was so impressed.  Thanks a million.

Suzanne - Shoes for Suzy

Beach, Boobs and Blue Seas

Hi Niamh, just wanted to let you know your cake was a huge hit.  My mam absolutely loved it, she ended up crying she was so thrilled.  It was the talking point of the night and everyone was taking pictures of it.  Thanks again.

Nikki - Beach, Boobs and Blue Seas

SG Gibson for Jon

Hi Niamh, just wanted to say thank you very much for the cake, it was fabulous.  The talk of the night!  Spent an hour trying to get my husband to let me cut the cake, he didn't want to cut it.  I knew it would be great.  Thanks again.

Linda - SG Gibson for Jon

Ayveen's Cake

Hi Niamh and Bernie,   A long over due thanks for Ayveen's cake it both tasted and looked gorgeous!  It was a lovely focal point for the christening, it was only a pity to cut into as it looked so brilliant.  Thanks again and all the best

Ayveen's Cake - Edel.
Alice in Wonderland

Niamh and Bernie, This is my last message I promise.  I honestly cannot thank you enough for everything.  The cake was out of this world and everyone devoured the cupcakes!!!!  My mum also adored the cake you made for her, it was beautiful!  You are so talented and I would never ever trust anyone else to ever do any cakes for us. You never let us down!!! xxxxxx

Justyne Cross Smith

Alan – computer circuit board cake

Hi Niamh, Just to let you that your cake went down very well with the Birthday Boy.  He was very impressed with your Java skills!  The cake disappeared very quickly, which is the best compliment a chef can get.  There were a lot of comments from the other punters in the restaurant about it also.  Thanks again Niamh and Bernie, I've no doubt I'll be using you again in the future.

Ann Haverty

Zoe – Christening Cake
Just wanted to say thanks so much for the beautiful cake - it was absolutely perfect, just as I had imagined it! I'll be in touch again for Zoe's first birthday!
Catherine, Zoe's Christening Cake
Albert and the Lion

The cake was fantastic..thankyou ! My mum was absolutely delighted with the surprise. The hospital staff gave us a private sitting room to have the family together so it was great. My mum even gave us a redition of the ' Albert' poem !  Thanks again Niamh, I will recommend you to many.

Grainne - Albert and the Lion (and mum too)

Vicki – The Dude, Big Lebowski cake

Hi Niamh,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful cake.  It was amazing and my dad was so happy.  Actually, everyone was raving about it.  I will you to everyone!!  

Oh and it tasted great too!

Thanks again,

Vicki - The Dude, Big Lebowski cake

Damien – Nathalie, Middleton Whiskey Cakes

Hi Niamh,

Hope I haven't kept you waiting too long, but we were chatting and singing until 4am this morning, so we're only surfacing now.

Last night's cake was a huge success once again.  Nathalie was stunned, as was everyone else.  It was especially nice because there were people last night who weren't there on Thursday.  They had heard wonderful stories of the first cake and were jealous that they had missed it.

I just want to say thanks once again on behalf of Nathalie and everyone else who was at both parties.  The cakes were truly memorable works of real artistry that will be talked about for a long time to come.

Best wishes,

Damien - Nathalie, Middleton Whiskey Cakes

Susan – Canoe Cake topper

Hi Niamh,

Absolutely love it.  You have a great talent thank you so much.

Susan - Canoe Cake topper

Slide 18

Hi Niamh,
The cake is amazing! Thanks a million. Can't wait to show everyone tomorrow.  Thanks again.

Laura - Conor Christening Cake, Sailing Boat